Time to spotlight an item so versatile you'll be blown away: the Kitchen Multi-Use Stand!

It's designed to solve multiple tasks in the kitchen and combines our signature compact and space-saving design with great functionality.

This product came out of our designers' clever minds and today we would like to share their perspective on it, its many different functions, as well as the process of why and how it was created with you.

What inspired the idea for this product?

We came up with the idea for the Multi-Use Stand after recognizing the difficulties of modern kitchen work. In Japan, people commonly use bags from supermarkets to collect and dispose of their kitchen waste. However, these bags often lose their shape, making it hard to fill them without causing a mess. We wanted to create something which helps to keep the bags upright and the kitchen counter clean.

We made the stand foldable so that it can be easily stored when not in use.

During the product development process, what was your focus?

When developing this product, we made sure to find a balance between ease of use and design. Although there are small waste bins that could do the same job, they can get in the way when not being used. To solve this problem, we designed a stand that can be easily folded and stored away whenever needed for maximum convenience.

To match a variety of uses and kitchen styles, we designed the product with a simple yet beautiful design.

How did you like the finished product?

I am glad that we were able to create a product with a unique design, that's versatile, has excellent functionality, and feels great to use. I also use it in my own kitchen for drying bottles!

The Kitchen Multi-Use Stand is an excellent kitchen item that combines efficiency and design. Designed with the enthusiasm and great efforts of our designers, this product has rightfully become a fan-favorite. 

Give it a try as well and optimize your kitchen work!