Bread cases are an essential element of a well-organized kitchen.
Yamazaki Home's various bread cases not only provide functional storage options but also reflect the creativity and dedication of the designers behind them. These products embody their hard work and commitment to crafting purposeful solutions.

In this blog, we're excited to share the birth stories of three Yamazaki Home bread cases, along with fascinating insights and comments from the designers themselves.

Keep reading to learn more about our distinctive products!

Simple and Easy-to-Use Storage Option

Bread Case

This case offers an excellent solution for organizing and storing different kitchen items. Its design is simple and intuitive, providing functionality and ample storage space, even accommodating a whole loaf of bread. Its sleek exterior may not immediately reveal its purpose as a bread case, adding to its appeal.

Design Process:

One challenge our designers encountered during the design phase revolved around perfecting the smoothness of the lid's operation. Therefore, they conducted multiple experiments to determine the precise force required for both opening and closing.

Designer's Favorite Point:

"I use this bread case to store kitchen supplies out of sight. It's an ideal spot for hiding all sorts of items, making it a perfect storage solution for me."

Where did the idea for this product come from?

This product was developed with the aim of tidying up cluttered kitchen counters as well as providing enough space to even store a whole loaf of bread. We insisted on creating a sleek appearance that doesn't resemble a bread case at first glance and wanted to go with a simple and minimalist exterior instead.

Fusion of Function and Style

Bread Case With Removable Lid

This case with a removable lid was designed to enhance the convenience of accessing and slicing bread. It boasts a minimalist appearance, without handles or hinges, and features an elegant bamboo accent. Notable features include an inclined opening and the sliding lid, which add to its unique charm.

Integration of Functionality and Style:

The product's most notable feature is its minimalist appearance, with no handles or hinges. The lid is made of bamboo, striking a balance between visual appeal and functionality as a cutting board. The design also includes elements such as an inclined opening and sliding mechanism, which minimize visual clutter while maximizing functionality. The angle of the lid's incline was meticulously evaluated through multiple experiments and simulations to ensure maximum usability.

What is the intention behind the product?

The idea for this product originated from the idea of combining a cutting board with a bread case, inspired by the typical process of retrieving and slicing bread. Seeing the opportunity for increased convenience, we imagined a situation where the lid effortlessly converts into a cutting board, removing the necessity for a separate preparation step. As a result, we developed and produced this innovative item.

Vertical Innovation

Bread Case Tall

This vertical case offers a space-saving storage solution for those with limited space. It is designed to efficiently utilize narrow spaces, with careful attention to shelf positioning and size, resulting in a simple yet stylish design.


This product was created to provide practical vertical storage for those with limited countertop space that cannot accommodate traditional bread cases. The designers aimed to strike a balance between functionality and style, considering home and compact space usage.

Design Process:

Our designers repeatedly simulated the structure, with a keen focus on shelf placement and dimensions. In the end, they settled on a layout that can even accommodate larger items like wine or seasoning bottles in the front, providing a practical and space-efficient storage solution.

What makes this product stand out?

Our tall bread case distinguishes itself through its simple, yet stylish design and exceptional functionality. What makes it unique is its versatility, capable of accommodating not just a loaf of bread but also various other kitchen items and even bottles.

As you can see, Yamazaki Home’s bread cases offer more than mere storage. The passion and creativity of our designers shine through, making them practical, user-friendly, and stylish household essentials that seamlessly blend into any home. 

Try out these innovative storage solutions yourself and enhance both the convenience and beauty of your kitchen.