Discover the beautiful 6-Tiered Shoe Rack with Wooden Top Board!

It's the perfect addition to your home, and not only keeps things organized and tidy but also adds a beautiful decorative touch that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

If you've ever wondered how a product like this is made, keep reading. Our talented designers are eager to share their views and offer interesting insights into the creative process.

How did the idea for this product come about?

We created this product intending to delight our customers by providing a shoe rack that not only keeps the entrance area organized but also enhances the interior design.

A wooden top panel was chosen to create a beautiful ambience in the entryway.

When it came to product development, what was your primary focus?

We designed this shoe rack that aligns with the height of an entrance counter by calculating backward to determine the optimal height for shoes to fit in. After careful consideration, we concluded that a six-tier shoe rack would work best. The challenge was maintaining structural strength while making this product at a high height. In the end, we used multiple struts and plates assembled with screws to ensure it remains strong.

The top panel was set at a height suitable for use as an entrance counter and the rack’s size was adjusted to hold a large number of shoes.

What sets it apart from other shoe racks?

This shoe rack has a unique design that provides storage space on two struts. It offers stable storage and can accommodate even the most challenging shoes, such as high heels, as the heels can hang comfortably off the rack. I think this feature is something that no other shoe rack offers.

The 6-Tiered Shoe Rack with Wooden Top Board combines a stunning design with great functionality and efficiency.

Thanks to the dedication and passion of our designers, it has become one of our bestsellers and provides a valuable addition to your entryway and home.

Why not give it a try and see for yourself?