Whether you're an established Yamazaki fan or are just getting to know us and our products for the first time, we are delighted to have you here.

For us, Yamazaki Home is one thing above all else: an opportunity to make people around the world happy with our products, to ease their everyday lives and thus ensure that they can devote more time to themselves, their loved ones and their needs.

The primary focus is on a clean, minimalist design for both space-saving storage and a modern, elegant atmosphere in every home.
We asked our team for their favorite Yamazaki products, products they work with every day. Which one makes them smile and which one do they think would be a great addition to their own home? Check out the result below.

Hopefully you enjoy reading this blog and who knows, maybe it will give you some inspiration as well.


Tower Shoe Rack with Wooden Board

Welcome home

We don't want to brag, but this Shoe Rack is a dream! Quite a few of us staff members count this product among their absolute favorites. The reason? Just imagine coming home to this beauty in your entryway. It combines excellent space-saving features, that we are known for, with an elegant design.

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Turned my entrance into a showroom. Perfect to keep my favorite pairs and bags in one place.


Tosca Banana Stand

Just hanging around

Let's make fruits feel at home too, so they stay fresh for longer. Despite what you think, we aren't kidding. Bananas feel more comfortable and dent less quickly when they're hanging, like on a banana tree, rather than sitting in a bowl. Try it out! In Japan, Banana Stands are already a hit!

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Genius way to keep bananas fresh longer, and it's even become a decoration in my kitchen.


Tower Pot Stand

Raise the pot

Pans and pots are quite difficult to stack, right? That’s why they take up more space in your kitchen cupboard than they actually need, if we could just take advantage of vertical storage as well. And believe it or not, this cute Pot Stand makes exactly that possible! So, no wonder this space saver made it onto our favorites list.

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It is my hero in the kitchen, because it saves so much space!


Tower Kitchen Multi-Use Stand

The one that is many

Products with more than one possible use, almost always tend to be among our favorites. They save space and are just incredibly practical. Our Multi-Use Stand, for example, can be used both as a waste bin or as a drying stand for bottles and tumblers. It is also likely that there are other features yet to be discovered.

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Compact and multi-purpose, I couldn't ask for more!


Tower Slim Leaning Coat Hanger

Lean on me

Need more storage space for your clothes, because your wardrobe is already full to the brim? It seems like that is the case, at least for many members of our team, and it made this handy Coat Hanger a favorite. By simply leaning against a wall, it creates extra hanging storage space out of thin air.

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I love how convenient it is and how well-organized and pretty it makes my small room look.


Plain Bath Towel Hanger

Threefold elegance

This pretty Towel Hanger impresses with its elegant appearance and also captured our hearts. Of course it comes with other features as well, such as its narrow shape, making it also suitable for use in smaller bathrooms or the wide struts, that allow you to hang towels without folding them, leading to faster drying.

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It makes my bathroom look gorgeous like it belongs in a hotel and the wooden parts are really lovely too!


Tower Laundry Basket

Throw in everything you've got

The next trip to the washing machine will be a leisurely stroll. Gone are the days of lugging heavy, unwieldy baskets around the apartment. This Laundry Basket offers space for a lot of laundry, but can be folded up and carried easily with just one hand. A real household upgrade.

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It's the first laundry basket I've ever seen that looks good and is functional at the same time. Fits perfectly in my bathroom and is super practical!

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