Today, we would like to introduce you to the popular Semi-Closed Storage Cart.

This product was designed to provide additional storage space for bathrooms and toilets, but its attractive design and practical features make it a valuable addition to any area of the house where extra storage is needed.

If you're curious about the creative process of this clever item, read on. Our designers take you through the brainstorming and research stages and talk about the ingenuity of the product design.

What was the inspiration behind this product?

In Japan, as well as in other countries, toilets are often small and lack storage options. However, it's essential to have some space for items like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and feminine hygiene products. The idea for this product came from the fact that many people have trouble without built-in shelves or other storage possibilities. In researching bathroom storage, we discovered that people's main concerns are the "small space" and the desire to "hide" things.

We did some research and developed a design featuring a concealable side and a storage side.

What was the main focus during the product development process?

We thoroughly researched and designed the storage section, taking into account the different sizes of items that would be stored there, such as toilet brushes and waste bins.

The concealable side is a single panel that can be used to hide the items stored on the other side when guests arrive.

We chose to use casters for the base, to make it easy to move around.

The Semi-Closed Storage Cart is an excellent and stylish solution for optimizing bathroom organization. 
Its design focuses on both efficiency and aesthetics, and it has become a beloved product thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of the designers. 

Try it out yourself!