With summer slowly winding down, it's time for our hard-working students, to return to school or university.

But as you know, learning doesn’t just happen in classrooms. The time you spend at your homey desk is just equally significant. And it goes without saying that studying is much easier when your surroundings are tidy and organized.

So, is your home actually ready for the new academic year?
We will make sure it is, and get you motivated for going "back to school" with our smart products.

Create the perfect studying environment at home!



Web Cable Box

Bye, bye, cable tangle

Our daily lives are filled with a variety of electronic devices. With most of them being wired, cable spaghetti is a common sight under our desks. Lucky for you, we offer a practical cable box that avoids and hides the chaos once and for all.

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Tower Bookends

Once upon a time

We don't let knowledge and wonderful texts fall off the shelves. Featuring a sleek, modern design and with plenty of style, these bookends keep your library upright without taking center stage. After all, the main characters of this story are the books.

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Tosca Pen & Letter Stand

For clutter-freedom

If your desk is drowning in pens, papers, and other odds and ends, this storage container gets its time to shine. Eventually, all your stationery will find a permanent home in one of its compartments, allowing you to resume working without distractions.

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Tower Monitor Stand

Lift your head

Goodbye neck pain! There really isn't an easier way to take care of yourself. Set up this monitor shelf in a flash and it’ll not only improve your comfort, but also provide more space on your desk for everything you need.

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Tower Printer Rack

Ready, set, print!

Homework or theses are often processed digitally nowadays. But sometimes it just doesn't work without a classic printed version. In that case, having printer and printer utensils neatly arranged together in our mobile printer rack can save you a lot of time and effort.

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Tower Extendable Drawer Organizer with Slide

Drawing you in

Out of sight, out of mind. It doesn't take long before our desk drawer is stuffed with memos, pens, and paper clips, making finding anything difficult. Time to get things back in order, and this extendable organizer with its numerous compartments will do just the trick.

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