As a new year begins, we enjoy bringing a fresh breath of air into our everyday lives. New Year's resolutions are written and we anticipate many positive changes.
So, why not try something new at home, too, and see how even a small change can boost motivation and inspiration?

In addition to providing a new look and feel, our novelties are looking forward to making your home even more comfortable and happier.

Tower Leaning Corner Coat Hanger

Embrace corners

Far too often valuable space in our homes is left unused. This elegant coat hanger ensures that this doesn't happen again and allows us to neatly organize coats, jackets, and other clothes in rooms' corners we didn't even realize were available for storage.

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Smart Under-Desk Cable & Router Organizer

Max out productivity

There are many things around our desk that can distract us from work, but routers, hard drives, and the cable clutter associated with them are no longer among them. With this practical cable & router organizer our work area finally looks neat and tidy again.

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Tower Pet Food Container

Dig in

This modern pet food container is sure to catch the attention of our adorable animal friends. Here, their favorite pet food will be stored even more safely and hygienically, to ensure a taste sensation every time they receive a refill of their feeding bowl.

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Tower 2-Tiered Shelf with Wooden Top

Beauty high up

Its elegance and unobtrusiveness make this pretty shelf a great addition to any room. Up to two levels provide space for pretty decorations or storage for everyday necessities, while the beautiful wooden top board completes the cozy feel.

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Tower Kids Bike & Helmet Stand

Tiny parking lot

Finally, children can park their balance bikes safely and efficiently. Rather than leaving them lying around after use, this bike & helmet stand provides convenient parking, as well as space to store helmets and other important accessories.

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Tower Fridge Organizer with Dividers

Cooled down

You'd be surprised how much more space there is in your fridge if it's organized properly. With this organizer, it is now easier than ever to store and sort all the ingredients in a particularly space-saving manner.

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Rin Round Tissue Case L

All round

An extraordinary design for even greater elegance. With its round shape, this case not only offers plenty of space for tissues, but its pretty appearance also lends it a charming appeal, regardless of where it is placed.

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Interested in seeing more?
Check out the below slideshow featuring all of our new collection’s products.

Have fun and happy shopping!

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