Did you know…? Yamazaki was originally a manufacturer of ironing boards? Quite some time passed, before the company began offering the many different household goods that are part of its product range today.

Let's explore how Yamazaki grew into the passionate and successful company it has become today.

The history

Over 100 years ago, Yamazaki started as a manufacturer of sewing tables for kimonos.

As the world changed after World War II, so had people's lifestyles. They increasingly wore western clothes instead of traditional Japanese ones, which required different care.

Yamazaki adapted perfectly to the new trend and began producing ironing boards, which was a tremendous success nationwide. 

Still, the company was forced to rethink its business strategy once again, as eventually lower-cost Chinese products entered the market.

Only ironing boards could no longer be the focus, so the product line was expanded. The first new products to make their debut were the umbrella stands. As a Yamazaki classic, it continues to be extremely popular even today.

Since then, its product lineup has expanded to include a staggering number of practical, modern household goods, making Yamazaki a well-known and beloved brand in Japan.

2014 marked the beginning of Yamazaki’s international expansion with the US office, the first location outside of Japan, opening its doors in New York. The European equivalent followed in 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany.


How we’ve grown

Yamazaki has always been able to adapt to new circumstance or changes in the people’s lives perfectly. In this regard, it is not surprising that it now has been in business for over a century and has gained the trust of many customers.

Over time, the company expanded from ironing boards to umbrella stands to housewares for every home.

Through passion and motivation, it gained a reputation in Japan, and is now aiming to spread the Yamazaki love around the globe.


Our commitment

Providing comfort and happiness in people's homes is our mission, which we strive to accomplish every day.

For bringing them happiness we use our now very wide range of products. They are all practical, simple and timeless. Easy to integrate and easy to use.

With housing costs increasing, people are becoming more selective about how to furnish their homes. We aim to ensure that Yamazaki products still remain popular and continue to be chosen. 

In order to achieve this goal, we offer luxurious, yet still affordable products that combine Japanese creativity with a clean, universal appearance.

To build the Yamazaki brand that everyone in the world knows, trusts and loves, we continue to work hard.

Home is our happy place.